Sunday, August 9, 2009

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

little boy

Happy Birthday little Charlie!
(August 1st)
Four years has gone by too quickly!
You keep us laughing and also remind us of how tender you are.
You live with gusto but also thoughtfulness...
May you continue to SOAR!
the whole family

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Our anniversary night out was perfect!
My parents stayed at the hotel with the kids (the 3 older ones).
Edie tagged along with us so I could nurse her when needed...
she mostly slept peacefully as usual, though.

After walking, shopping and stopping by old haunts,
we came across a little French restaurant...

The wine list was lovely!!!

Great champagne...

Perfect company...
even after 15 years we always have so much to talk about and
laugh about---

Seems like yesterday I interviewed for that teaching job in Chicago...
was only committing for a year because then I was off to Seattle with a friend.
I didn't intend to marry or even think about it until I was at least 30.

Why do we make those plans?
Instead I was married at age 24...only a year after we met!
Instead of moving to Seattle, I ended up a newlywed, teaching inner city Chicago and
then suddenly my new husband's job took us to Boston.

A great adventure...we were so young and naive!

After our anniversary celebration and outings to the aquarium and zoo,
I was lucky enough to tour the studio that begins with H
and see where SHE, the one who's name begins with O
creates her talk show.

All of this with friends from my old Kappa Alpha Theta house
at U of Iowa...
So cool how we all got together for a little "reunion"
and after nearly 18 years, it was so easy to hang out again!

Now we're back home...I've got some new pieces in the works and some birthday parties to pull off...

How was your week?
Oh, and did I tell you I'm soon moving my blog to typepad?
Still working on it...


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We are to Chicago tonight!
I bragged to everyone that we got such a deal on Priceline---staying at the Hilton on
Michigan Avenue. I thought it would be amazing...Here we are, all SIX of us, in a
tiny, old room, some are on the floor, and the AC just kicked in.
Luckily, we get to move to a junior suite tomorrow.
But it's nearly 2am and I'm just so excited to be AWAY...
being tourists (we met here in Chi-town, but the kids will be big time tourists),
seeing old friends (my college sorority friends are having a reunion),
visiting family (my nephew turns 3),
it's our 15 year anniversary!!!!
We met here, fell in love, and were married just a year after meeting.
Bring on the champagne...
we are living it up for the next week!

Monday, July 20, 2009


my sister,
(she's the beautiful woman with my children in the photo below)

She launched her etsy shop and blog just recently! Check them out!!!

Amy is a multi-talented, vintage-loving gal with an easy laugh, piercing green eyes
and a heart of gold. You will love her style!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i love

gardens ,

my baby discovering the sights and sounds and scents and textures
of her first summer...

that my son dressed up to see the new Harry Potter movie...

running a race with my son,

little Charlie in his race cape,

Lucy's art...

painting outside...

loving summertime!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


simple things

sweet baby,
sisters, daughter,