Thursday, March 26, 2009

happy thursday!

Yesterday Lucy did a painting on a re-purposed old wooden panel...
She did a "heart girl",


a bunny...and some "antiquing"!
She created for almost 2 hours while listening to "Indigo Girls" on the ipod.
She was lost in her own little whimsical world---so much fun to watch!

Some pictures of a little bird I am making for my sister---
I've seen lots of little clay or paper mache birds out there on etsy and by other artists (they are all so adorable and unique!),
but I thought I'd try my own...
so this little one will be heading out to Denver very soon!

I have "heart girl" paintings in progress and little villages...
still lots of layers of paint to add!

I would love to have a "shop update" soon, but we'll have to take it day by day until I know more about when this baby girl will be here!
I'll keep you posted!

I couldn't resist taking some close ups of little Charlie...his last days of being the "baby"
of the family!
He got a fresh, new haircut and threw on one of my maternity sweaters yesterday while waiting
outside for his brother and sister to get home from school....pretty cute!

thanks for stopping by!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Still Nesting...and lots to share!

Finally it seems like Spring has arrived! Mild weather, rain, thunderstorms and little sprouts of green poking up through the dirt...and no winter coats!

We are still waiting for this little baby!!
After a terrible stomach virus last weekend (not fun at all during the 9th month of pregnancy!) and contractions coming every 4 minutes, things slowed down and we still anxiously anticipate baby's arrival.

I continue deep cleaning the house, re-finishing vintage furniture, washing baby clothes, and making endless lists of all the organizing I can do...It's truly nesting---and seems like I have waited until the last minute for so many tasks...

kind of like cramming for college finals---waiting until the last minute and staying up all night to pull off the much needed good grade. I am really pushing my luck!!
(we only just bought diapers and wipes last night!)

(A darling vintage nest and antique doily I found last weekend at my favorite "shabby" shop!)

Today I received the sweetest painting in the mail---all the way from the U.K.!!!

It's by the amazing artist, Micki, of The Art Hermit!
This piece was meant for me...the sweet pregnant woman with "Cherish the Moment" on it...It's truly much more striking in person than I even imagined!
Thanks again, Micki...and look at the sweet extras she sent...

and even these little booties---so thoughtful and touching!!!
Thank you, thank you, again, Micki!!!
(Here is Micki's etsy shop)

Something else to share!!!!
A couple of weeks ago I ordered this unique, perfectly crafted little onesie for our baby from Pam at I Love Plum!

It's the sweetest, one of a kind little treat...and look at the little tail on the back!!!
So cute and so well-made!

I have had many friends recently have new babies, and decided that from now on I am treating them to I Love Plum onesies for their new arrivals!!

These two "sock monkey" onesies just arrived!
They are adorable...and look at what's under the tutus!!!!
I am so tempted to keep these rather than package them up for my friends!!!
(Here is I Love Plum's etsy shop)

Lastly, little glimpses of Easter decorations at home...

vintage bunnies
and our Easter tree!!!

Have a great week!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Loving the Green!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I'm enjoying the sunshine & reading some toasts from a turn of the century Irish Toasts book!

Shannon's flowery banks: may they bloom for ever!

The birthplace of wit, and the home of hospitality--Ireland!

The everlasting Green for me;
And we for one another!

Health to my body, wealth to my purse,
Heaven to my soul, and I wish you no worse!

To the shamrock, that never will it lose its emerald hue!

Happy Day!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i *heart* weekends!

I finished up some little be added to my shop tomorrow!
"heart girl hearts bunny"

"heart girl hearts Spring"!

Our dogs basked in the sunshine!
Above is Sammy our puppy...

And Duncan, our 10 and a half year old Golden Retriever---he's such a loyal, mellow sweetheart!

My husband deep-cleaned the car and we rearranged all the car seats to
make room for baby!

Little Lucy helped daddy vacuum the car...

and all "the boys" dressed in orange and black to support our local
high school basketball team play in the state tournament!

A good weekend...and now we're ready for Spring Break!

thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Etsy Shop additions...

I've just added a few new pieces to my etsy shop!

"Little Grace" Folk Angel...

Another sweet, vintage Easter egg...

"Whimsy Village" original painting (5 x 5 chunky canvas)...

And this tiny clay bird in a birdbath!

I have some "heart girl" paintings in the works, a series of folk angels & some more "wish stones"...I'm still working and nesting---I will keep you posted on a shop update soon!

Thanks for all the kind words about my last post...I treasure the sweet, well-wishes so much!!!!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

room for one more!!!!

(me & the kids last summer in michigan---group hug!)

I just returned from my doctor's appointment...they're coming every week now!

How amazing to hear the words,
"You're at the finish line! You made it! If labor starts now, we won't try to stop it..."
Wow...I loved the analogy to finishing a race...I do fancy myself an athlete, runner and triathlete, although my training has been altered quite a bit.
Training through this pregnancy has been more physically difficult, more tedious and mentally hard...

I can't wait to hit the pavement again...and swim without pulling a 6 pound drag---but I know I will miss this...there's something so special about sharing this time with my little one kicking and squirming about. The positive energy she gives & the hope she brings is such a gift.
I am so honored to be her mom and can't wait to meet her in a few weeks...or sooner!!!

I will check in again tomorrow...
hopefully with some more additions to my etsy shop!

Thanks for sharing in my anticipation of this amazing time!!!


****Update: I will start adding to my etsy shop tomorrow! The time change threw me for a loop!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Giveaway Winner & the shop & the cake!!!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to enter my little giveaway!
I ran out of patience with the random generator...I must not be tech-savvy enough, because I finally ended up doing it the old fashioned way!

My kids also wanted me to put the names in the bowl!

Here it is!

Oops! Blurry picture of Henry showing the winner...

Congrats, I Love Plum!! I think it's Pam---I couldn't figure out your name when I was making the little notes, so I searched your site and etsy shop...I think it's Pam!:)
My family got me the cutest cake...round with layers of frosting and raspberry cream filling...and even our little family on the top!
If you look closely you can see mom with her belly---"stick people" style!!

(home wish stone...SOLD---many thanks!!)

I also put up some new "wish stones", funky ornaments, star houses (I am into stars lately---stars on clay, on angels, on houses & on canvas!) and a fairy folk angel in my etsy shop a couple days ago...
(dream wish stone---SOLD--many thanks again!)

This was my favorite to make---she's soulful and tiny...and her wings are covered with mica!
(fairy folk angel---SOLD--thank you!!!)

(vintage easter egg of clay---SOLD---thank you so much!!)

Here are some little "wish stones" all packaged up...

I've had so much fun creating new little clay pieces and working on some new paintings---the paintings will be up in my etsy shop soon, as will more little clay pieces!

Thanks for stopping by---I appreciate each and every one of you!!!