Thursday, May 28, 2009

time flies

Long time no post...(sorry!)
the days fly by---
I can't wait for summer break...or at least the first week of it.
Sleeping in, letting the kids be lazy and maybe I'll get
something creative done. ???
More blogging I hope!

This week our little Charlie had his last day of 3 year old preschool.
Yes, that's my boy covering his ears and sitting down while all
the other children stood and sang and smiled.

He was trying so hard to irritate me....
I had to laugh.
His older brother pulled these things in preschool
and he's just fine now.
(I admit, it did bug me...especially the looks from a few other parents.)

Last weekend should have been relaxing...
A three day weekend to garden and
catch up on projects...
What was I thinking letting Henry (age 9)
have 4 boys over for a sleep over??

Thankfully Lucy helped with breakfast...

There was a special request for Monkey Bread!

And now little Edie is 2 months old!
I just blinked and she's 2 months old!

I can't wait to share some special treats
from some amazing Etsians!
I will post about them soon!
And thank you so much for stopping by, for your comments
and encouragement!


Monday, May 18, 2009

chaos & peace

Hi! This is picture shows the tail end of a big smile I just gave my big brother!
from little Edith.

(Piano Recital last weekend)

(Gazing up into oldest brother's eyes)

(Big brother Charlie snuggles in his baby blanket and wishes he could be a baby again)

May is the busiest month
for this family...
Soccer games
Track meets
Dance recital practices
Field trips
Graduation open houses (for high school friends/babysitters)
Wedding showers (for my sister & her fiance)
Boy Scouts
Sleep overs
Piano recitals
and so much more!

Sat Nam!
Last Friday night I attended a Yoga Group Lesson
at a friend's house...
We had a group yoga (kundalini) was amazing. Challenging and invigorating
and so peaceful.
Good friends
drinking Yogi tea
and then
good red wine
and great snacks!

Here is a look at the "goodie bags"
the host gave everyone.
(homemade foot rub, home aroma, yoga CD, horoscope card, reusable gift bag)

I have been so busy
but also peaceful.
Having baby #4 at almost 40 years old
has brought about more calm than I realized
despite the chaos.
I have become wiser over the years
and am learning to slow down and enjoy
this time.
Being late is OK.
Letting things go is OK.
Taking longer to reach my goals is OK.

I long to have more time to paint and create,
but I know that will come soon.
I find joy in our children
and the joy I experience running again.
The rhythmic striking the ground as I go to that meditative place
feeling grateful for health, for nature, for the sunshine
and for time.

Wishing you peace amidst the chaos!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A quick re-cap of our Mom's Day weekend...

Lucy and I visited our favorite vintage shop and found this gorgeous Sears hat!

The kids had some you tube entertainment....

and on Saturday evening I made a Mexican feast of guacamole and chicken enchiladas for my parents, brothers (who were in town sans their wives/families) and our family...but really it was for me! I rarely cooked a decent meal while I was pregnant, so cooking and baking again has been a treat for was part of my mom's day gift to myself---I had been craving guac for the last 2 weeks!

On Sunday (after a morning of fights, yelling and whining from the older 3), we headed to the Science Center and here we are at the "weather station", checking ourselves out on the TV!
The fighting stopped and my headache subsided...
all ended well!

*And now, on an unrelated note, I have a question....
Am I completely out of the loop, or is there a way to make your blog 3 columns? Or is this something for professionals to do? As I've said before, I am a techno-novice...I really don't have a clue what I'm doing! If anyone wants to chime in, feel free!:)

Wishing you a great week!

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Friday!



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the royal ball and so much more!

A few weeks ago, little Lucy planned a "Royal Ball" for the family.

I kept saying, "yeah, we'll do that soon..sounds fun...sounds fancy, etc" but I really wasn't
paying attention. I was busy nursing, changing diapers and floating in my dreamy
state after just bringing home a newborn!

Then the invite arrived...
and it was written in cursive
and it was sweet enough to wake me up to say
"Sure! Let's do it!"

So Lucy and Charlie set the table with all my vintage tea cups
and Henry (the oldest) decided to be a good sport
and put on his medieval wear...

I made dinner and the kids picked out our clothes...

We ate and laughed and called each other "sir" and "me lady".

It was one of the most memorable times we've had!

(Nice pic, huh?)
It was the most surprising and sweet evening ever!

Lucy put on some music and wanted me and Darryl, my husband, to dance.
So sweet!
Then all the kids danced!
And it ended with a sword battle between the brothers.

Something else from a few weeks ago...
Lucy dressed Charlie up in her old nightgown...
He loved all the attention and willingly
followed her lead for a good half hour!

Here's a cute pic from late March---love the freckles!
it was COLD then, and we brought out
the winter coats again for soccer practice!
(makes me appreciate May!)

Here's Charlie last week...
My mom and I took him to a Thomas the Tank Live show...

And then visited my 93 year old grandma...
She's so sweet and got to hold
little Edie...named after her mom, Edith Callaghan.

Lastly, I have to share a photo of my husband
who just received an award from the
local community arts council...
He was honored for his committment and enthusiasm in supporting the arts in the media--
he published a local community guide (he recently sold it)...
I was so proud of him---and the awards evening was our
first night out since baby!

Off to try and get a few things in my shop!

thanks for stopping by,