Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We are to Chicago tonight!
I bragged to everyone that we got such a deal on Priceline---staying at the Hilton on
Michigan Avenue. I thought it would be amazing...Here we are, all SIX of us, in a
tiny, old room, some are on the floor, and the AC just kicked in.
Luckily, we get to move to a junior suite tomorrow.
But it's nearly 2am and I'm just so excited to be AWAY...
being tourists (we met here in Chi-town, but the kids will be big time tourists),
seeing old friends (my college sorority friends are having a reunion),
visiting family (my nephew turns 3),
it's our 15 year anniversary!!!!
We met here, fell in love, and were married just a year after meeting.
Bring on the champagne...
we are living it up for the next week!


Micki said...

So sweet, and guess what?
22nd July is my wedding anniversary too ;)

Micki x

Sarah said...

What a beautiful family...
have fun in Chicago..I love it!

K said...

Congratulations!!!! Enjoy your time...I heart the Windy City! I lived about an hour away from there until I was 24 and decided to head out west! Cubs fan?? I will be there come Saturday - all of my family is still there! ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!

julie king said...

congrats and good for you, jody!! i'm envious as i adore walking and shopping michigan avenue! i hope the cool weather continues for you.

amy said...

Congrats, Jod! Love that picture, and that post :) Hope you are having a great time and happy anniversary!!!! xo

Laura said...

happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont get pregnant...