Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a fondness for wine...

and good friends!
This painting is actually larger, and has the words, "Come sit with me and share your life..." painted around it. I antiqued it a bit and pulled some of the paint off when adding layers. It's somewhat of an experiment!


Jenn said...

oh my GOSH Jody!!! I am just now popping over to visit and I am soooo excited about your new blog!!!!!! I am in TOTAL LOVE with this painting...please tell me you are opening an etsy shop:):):) It is really thrilling to see you following your dreams and creating such fabulous things. Can't wait to keep up with all your new art adventures!!!

mystele said...

this is so stinkin cool! wow. thank you so much for popping by my blog. your encouragement means tons!!! take care!