Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lessons from Lucy...& Heart Girls!

Last week my daughter sat me down for "art lessons"...and taught me all about some sweeties she creates that she calls "heart girls". She started in on them as soon as Christmas was over and she realized the next holiday is Valentine's Day. Here are some samples from our lesson:
I started thinking about "heart girls"...what a catchy little name, and how fun they are to make. I decided to experiment with sculpy clay and these "heart girls" were born:"Heart Girls" are still in the development phase, but my goal is to put some of them on Etsy very soon! I'm going to layer paint, cover some with vintage print, and see where this takes me! Before I put anything on Etsy, though, I want to do a "GIVEAWAY" (hopefully this weekend!), since my blog is slowly growing and being found! Would love input!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I encourage you to get your Etsy shop going...You would do wonderful!
I just adore the *Heart Girls*!!!
Can't wait to see the finished products! :)

denversavage said...

I think so far, so good! Since there seems to be a growing number of artists making small sculptures, keeping them unique can be a challenge. These look great and I can't wait to see the finished product!

Found my way here thru Noodle and Jenn!

mystele said...

super cute idea!!!

Heather said...

that is so sweet! I cant wait to be able to do that with my little one. She did a great job!~

Jenn said...

Hi Jody! Lucy is so talented...what darling drawings and perfect inspiration for you! They are super cute the one covered in paper!! Your heart girl painting is adorable too:) Keep creating and following your passion!! xoxox...jenn

(thanks my sweet friend Miss denversavage:):):))