Monday, March 23, 2009

Still Nesting...and lots to share!

Finally it seems like Spring has arrived! Mild weather, rain, thunderstorms and little sprouts of green poking up through the dirt...and no winter coats!

We are still waiting for this little baby!!
After a terrible stomach virus last weekend (not fun at all during the 9th month of pregnancy!) and contractions coming every 4 minutes, things slowed down and we still anxiously anticipate baby's arrival.

I continue deep cleaning the house, re-finishing vintage furniture, washing baby clothes, and making endless lists of all the organizing I can do...It's truly nesting---and seems like I have waited until the last minute for so many tasks...

kind of like cramming for college finals---waiting until the last minute and staying up all night to pull off the much needed good grade. I am really pushing my luck!!
(we only just bought diapers and wipes last night!)

(A darling vintage nest and antique doily I found last weekend at my favorite "shabby" shop!)

Today I received the sweetest painting in the mail---all the way from the U.K.!!!

It's by the amazing artist, Micki, of The Art Hermit!
This piece was meant for me...the sweet pregnant woman with "Cherish the Moment" on it...It's truly much more striking in person than I even imagined!
Thanks again, Micki...and look at the sweet extras she sent...

and even these little booties---so thoughtful and touching!!!
Thank you, thank you, again, Micki!!!
(Here is Micki's etsy shop)

Something else to share!!!!
A couple of weeks ago I ordered this unique, perfectly crafted little onesie for our baby from Pam at I Love Plum!

It's the sweetest, one of a kind little treat...and look at the little tail on the back!!!
So cute and so well-made!

I have had many friends recently have new babies, and decided that from now on I am treating them to I Love Plum onesies for their new arrivals!!

These two "sock monkey" onesies just arrived!
They are adorable...and look at what's under the tutus!!!!
I am so tempted to keep these rather than package them up for my friends!!!
(Here is I Love Plum's etsy shop)

Lastly, little glimpses of Easter decorations at home...

vintage bunnies
and our Easter tree!!!

Have a great week!!!!


Micki said...

Jody i'm so sorry to here you've had a stomach bug, those things are awful at the best of times let alone in the last weeks of pregnancy!

I am glad you recieved your parcel though and that you like the painting :)

Those little onesies are adorable, a friend of mine is pregnant so I might pop along and have a look at their etsy shop and see if I can find something special for her.

Sending you lots of luck and good wishes for your last few moments of pregnancy.

Micki x

Pease Porridge said...

I bet you are having so much fun getting ready. I love all your easter decor. What a nice package of goodies from Micki. The baby clothes are so adorable too.

sara's art house said...

SO many cute things to look at! The onesie is adorable and that Easter tree is so sweet!

i love plum said...

I was just popping over to check on you...thought for sure where you hadn't posted for a bit you'd had your baby girl :) So sorry you've been sick!!!!

You're too sweet to give me a shout out, so sweet!

When you've got more time we're ready for more heart girls! Take your time...we're not going anywhere! I had bought them with the intention of hanging them in my bedroom but my girls REALLY want them in their rooms!!!! So. Whenever. You've got heart girl fans here in New England!


Leticia said...

Checking to see if your Spring baby had arrived. My Spring baby just turned 14 on the 20th. All my best - Leticia