Sunday, March 15, 2009

i *heart* weekends!

I finished up some little be added to my shop tomorrow!
"heart girl hearts bunny"

"heart girl hearts Spring"!

Our dogs basked in the sunshine!
Above is Sammy our puppy...

And Duncan, our 10 and a half year old Golden Retriever---he's such a loyal, mellow sweetheart!

My husband deep-cleaned the car and we rearranged all the car seats to
make room for baby!

Little Lucy helped daddy vacuum the car...

and all "the boys" dressed in orange and black to support our local
high school basketball team play in the state tournament!

A good weekend...and now we're ready for Spring Break!

thanks for stopping by!


Micki said...

Love the girl with the bunny, so cute!!

Micki x

julie king said...

i love the best girl and bunny painting! her expression is so cute!! baby day must be coming up quick! best of luck on this the day of the irish!!