Sunday, June 7, 2009


School is finally done! It finished last week (yes, it took me a week to get a post on my blog!) with a talent show.
And a few lazy days followed.

(Henry performing "The Lion Sleeps")

(Lucy performing Irish Dance)

We spent a lovely afternoon at some local gardens which are featuring an amazing dinosaur exhibit....Don't they look real?

I was feeling pretty good about myself after taking all four kids to the
gardens by myself. There's not much I can't do these days as long as baby Edie is
strapped to my chest in her little Baby Bjorn.
So I treated myself...and we celebrated the end of school with
Meg's amazing rainbow cake & frosting!

(It's not perfect, it's leaning and falling all over the place, but so
tasty! Haven't heard so many "oohs & ahhhs" (as I cut into the cake)
since the July 4th fireworks!

I will be posting again soon...really!!


Micki said...

Oh Jody that cake looks spectacular!
We've still got 4 weeks left before breaking up for the holidays.

Micki x

michelle said...

Good morning Jody...I have been following for a while but have not left you a note as of yet....just had to say hi and your family looks fantastic...growing fast(too fast, it seems doesn't it:(, that cake looks so yummy. I just started up my blog again after a it's a mess. I will be placing an order soon.....Jaime and I want somethings for her room!!!!

xoxoxox....cousin Michelle

sara's art house said...

OK, I have to try that cake too!!! Looks so great. And those dinosaurs I am sure were a big hit too :)

Laura said...

you made Meg's cake!!! Too funny! That, too, is on my end of the school year list. Along with 2,00,759,4038,000 other things I will NEVER do.

So.summer plans??????????????????????? I am so glad school is nearly done, but uh oh....that means they are ALL HOME! yikes!

hope you are well! Love the Irish dancer!

Jenn said...

awww...the kids look so cute performing their awesome talents:):) We had a similar dino exhibit at Brookfield Zoo and they actually move and make noises. The boys were flipping out...they loved them:) Happy Summer!!!


Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Thats an amzing cake! I can see why there were somany ooohs and ahhs! Genius!