Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a star, a little village & a belly

A wish...a hope...a little "morsel"--created as a distraction between planning and preparing for baby and trying to keep everyone around here happy!

a little work in progress...there are so many others---I will get them going soon and share!

me & my 34 week belly...right before heading outside to work out!


Kelli said...

Congrats on the new addition coming soon! And I LOVE the wish on a star!

Micki said...

Love the little wish stone it's so sweet, you should make more of them they are lovely.
And I still think your belly is just the cutest pregnancy belly i've seen :)

Micki x

sara's art house said...

Cute belly shot!!!

Love the works in progress!

Jenn said...

look how CUTE and teeny you are! The teeny picture of her was so cool:) And I love the wish on a sweet. Have a great weekend Jody! xox...jenn

AB said...

jody, you look so cute! i miss you!! i love the wish on a star. you definitely should make more of those!!

AB said...

and i love the houses...reminds of boston or chicago :)

Micki said...

Thanks for the lovely comments on my french girl painting!
Nothing in my etsy shop yet hun, I'm being totally lazy!
It's on my to do list for next month, and also putting more stuff on my website too :)

Micki x

julie king said...

loving the wish star! and the houses are wonderful, too!! you look so cute all pregnant!

wlma said...

O.K. You look adorable!!! Love the house painting!! I need it:)

Lydia said...

Wow! You look fab ! ...and cute pieces:0