Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The weekend in review!

Since we've been working on this since last year, I thought I'd share one more post about our children's school gala that we co-chaired for the second year in a row.
It was a big job...a lot of family and personal time was given up, a lot of hours of sleeping were lost, and sometimes--- there were a lot of headaches.
But like all meaningful things in life, the sacrifice and hard work were worth it.
We raised over $200,000 which was amazing for this year's economy and the fact that we are only a pre-k through 5th grade school.
Our endowment fund is really growing, so hopefully we can keep tuition affordable and keep our special little catholic school going well into future generations.
We also raised about $35,000 for a new playground and outdoor area...
the generosity was overwhelming and such a strong sense of community and friendship grew even more than we thought possible!

Now I can begin "nesting"... only 6 and a half weeks (or less) to go!

Thanks for stopping by!


Micki said...

First of all congratulations on raising the money, i'm glad it was all a success!
And secondly Is that you at the front with the tiniest bump ever?
I'm sure you said only 5 weeks to go?
I was HUGE when I was pregnant lol

Micki x

Micki said...

Well I think you look super cute pregnant, I wish i'd have looked like that, I just got big all over both times lol ;)