Monday, May 18, 2009

chaos & peace

Hi! This is picture shows the tail end of a big smile I just gave my big brother!
from little Edith.

(Piano Recital last weekend)

(Gazing up into oldest brother's eyes)

(Big brother Charlie snuggles in his baby blanket and wishes he could be a baby again)

May is the busiest month
for this family...
Soccer games
Track meets
Dance recital practices
Field trips
Graduation open houses (for high school friends/babysitters)
Wedding showers (for my sister & her fiance)
Boy Scouts
Sleep overs
Piano recitals
and so much more!

Sat Nam!
Last Friday night I attended a Yoga Group Lesson
at a friend's house...
We had a group yoga (kundalini) was amazing. Challenging and invigorating
and so peaceful.
Good friends
drinking Yogi tea
and then
good red wine
and great snacks!

Here is a look at the "goodie bags"
the host gave everyone.
(homemade foot rub, home aroma, yoga CD, horoscope card, reusable gift bag)

I have been so busy
but also peaceful.
Having baby #4 at almost 40 years old
has brought about more calm than I realized
despite the chaos.
I have become wiser over the years
and am learning to slow down and enjoy
this time.
Being late is OK.
Letting things go is OK.
Taking longer to reach my goals is OK.

I long to have more time to paint and create,
but I know that will come soon.
I find joy in our children
and the joy I experience running again.
The rhythmic striking the ground as I go to that meditative place
feeling grateful for health, for nature, for the sunshine
and for time.

Wishing you peace amidst the chaos!


Julie said...

I love all your advice! We need to take time to listen & true, so thank you!... but to the meat of it... those children, just beautiful!...& that baby...mmmm...GORGEOUS! ; )

sara's art house said...

That baby is so cute!

Great post! I need to let things go more often (and not stress when they do get let go)

elma said...

Sweet sweet pictures. She is growing so fast:) Yes we all ned to slow down. Just enjoy your babies for they wont be babies long:)

AB said...

such cute pictures, jod! i love the one of the kids where lucy is holding edith. how sweet. also, jealous of your yoga day! can't wait to see you soon. xo

Laura said...

my motto this week has been WHAT IS THE RUSH???
it is time to slow down. May IS much going on at the end of the year, and I am in no mood to even TRY to keep up.
and that is ok

stay peaceful..and ENJOY that baby #4. My #4 brings tears of JOY to my eyes every single day. He is growing too fast.

Micki said...

Your kids are all such cuties!

I am thinking of taking up yoga again,I used to teach an over 50's class before I had my daughter but never got back into it, it's been over 5 years now so i'd be a complete beginner again *sigh* but we've all got to start somewhere eh?

Micki x

i love plum said...

"Being late is OK.
Letting things go is OK.
Taking longer to reach my goals is OK."

I SO needed to hear, read, listen to these very wise words. Thank you!!!!


PS....LOVE seeing Edith in her little bunny onesie :)